When are your working hours?

24/6. That’s right. I’m pretty much on call whenever I’m needed. Although I can’t always promise I’ll be available, as this depends on my other work commitments. Flexible working also means I can cater for clients in several time zones—I have clients in the UK and abroad. I do not work on Sundays.

Do you offer print support?

Absolutely. And I do it really well, as I have several years of experience working in a printing business. I recommend a potential printer to be lined up before the start of any project so I can liaise with them to check the necessary specs. Getting a printer involved as early as possible helps ensure there are no delays later on.

Where appropriate, all artwork for print production will be supplied in a print-ready format.

If you need help in sourcing a reputable printer, please get in touch. I can also arrange your printing and to have your items delivered to your specified address.

Do you use templates?

No. As you’re probably aware, there are hundreds—if not thousands—of ready-made templates out there just waiting for your content to be dropped in. However, by working with me, you receive original designs that communicate your message and that you won’t find duplicated elsewhere.

Do you offer unlimited revisions?

Before the start of each job, I will discuss with you in depth the requirements for the project and ascertain how many people will need to approve the designs and how possible it is to get them on board at the early stages.

From here, we can work out the scope of the revisions that may be required and these will be included within the proposal I send you.

If you require additional revisions outside the scope of proposal, these will be billed hourly and will be discussed with you during the work on project.

What if I don’t like the design?

There is an objective and subjective way to view design. Objective includes wrong colour, wrong typeface, misalignment, etc. whereas subjective is a matter of “taste”.

I’m confident that by working together and laying down the groundwork before each brief so I fully understand the project, you’ll be happy with my work. I send rough drafts and concepts early on to give you the chance to feedback.

In the rare event that you’re not happy with the final design, if the drafts have been signed off and the design is within the scope of the proposal, payment for the original work is still required.

Do you offer copywriting?


What are your payment terms?

Once I start working on your project, I will commit to you and will deliver the project on time. This however also means, that you are committed to me to stay with me till the end of the design project and pay the money agreed.